Refurbishment of the "Uige – Quinzala – Damba – Maquela do Zombo" road

Contract: refurbishment of the "Uige – Quinzala – Damba – Maquela do Zombo" road


The north-south link that runs through Uige, Quinzala, Damba and Maquela do Zombo crosses the Angolan province of Uige, the north of which borders with the Democratic Republic of Congo. Uige is one of the world's most important coffee growing regions and also has a vast wealth of raw materials, additionally underlining the importance of infrastructural measures, especially the link to the port in the capital city of Luanda.


Although referred to as a refurbishment measure, the project actually involves building a completely new road with a bituminous surface. This was an opportunity to design a road layout based on safety aspects, especially since annual rainfall in the region places special demands on road drainage and the soil is constantly threatened by erosion. The specified road is to run over a distance of 231.5 kilometers and includes five bridges, although the total length is expected to be extended to a total of 251 kilometers. This project is being executed by the China Road and Bridges Corporation (CRBC).


  • Consultancy and engineering
  • Supervision and inspection of construction work