Refurbishment of the extinguishing water lines at the ZDF broadcasting centre 1 in Mainz

Contract: Planning services for the building planning of the civil engineering works / systems for the water supply


With around 3,500 employees based in Germany and abroad, Zweites Deutsches Fernsehen (ZDF) is one of the largest employers in the Rhine-Main region. In recent years, ZDF’s broadcasting centre 1 has experienced repeated pipe breaks and damage to the approx. 30 year old extinguishing water network. Refurbishment of the existing extinguishing water lines was therefore necessary. This also included replacement of the central extinguishing water and sprinkler water distribution lines, which are located in a supply duct at the broadcasting centre.

The broadcasting centre 1 site is located on the “Lerchenberg”, above Mainz city centre - which lies around seven kilometres away, and encompasses an area of approx. 47.2 hectares. It includes a high-rise building housing the administration and management, an editorial building, a broadcasting operations building, the logistics centre and associated vehicle fleet, as well as open space on which programmes such as “ZDF Fernsehgarten” are produced.

The investigation and project planning of suitable construction workflow scenarios, through which to maintain the safe operation of the extinguishing water supply throughout the construction period, poses a significant challenge not only to technical planning but also to the execution of the engineering services.


The working group GAUFF GmbH & Co. Engineering KG / Werner Hartwig GmbH was commissioned by ZDF with delivering all the necessary engineering services.

During the pre-planning phase, a complete concept was generated for the refurbishment of the extinguishing water supply in the area of the outdoor facilities and the supply duct for the ZDF broadcasting centre 1. During the subsequent draft and execution planning, the stipulated measures were planned in detail in preparation for the construction implementation.

Installation of a new extinguishing water network is planned for the outdoor facilities, with optimised line routing and nominal diameter configuration. Through these improvement measures it has been possible to significantly reduce the overall length of the extinguishing water network in comparison to the existing network. Through the arrangement of pillar hydrants, the fire fighting capacity will be significantly improved in the future, while this will also enable a reduction in the number of fire hydrants to one third.

In order to ensure an optimum supply, the new extinguishing water network was designed as a ring line in the outside area. The overall length is approx. 3,800 m.

Complete replacement of the extinguishing water and sprinkler lines will take place in the supply duct to the broadcasting centre, starting from the central extinguishing water and sprinkler stations, with an overall length of 2,140 m. The lines in the supply duct will be produced from steel and supply the connected buildings or their distribution stations with extinguishing and sprinkler water, as well as the extinguishing water network in the outdoor area.

Throughout the entire construction time, fire and sprinkler protection shall be safeguarded through corresponding measures and provisional Arrangements.


Building planning, civil engineering works:

  • Preliminary assessment
  • Pre-planning
  • Draft planning
  • Execution planning
  • Tender, cooperation on the award
  • Site management, local construction monitoring

Further services:

  • Inventory measurement
  • Generation of section plans
  • Technical cooperation/service specifications/support to the subsoil Survey