With targeted sponsoring, GAUFF Engineering has made a name for itself in "training & education", "sports" as well as international symposia.  We support organisations and facilities near our headquarters in Nuremberg and in the countries where we are executing our projects.

When it comes to "education and training", we are setting the standard in engineering, in other words, in the field of education and training that is most important for our corporate success. In this way, we hope to ensure the availability of qualified, high-performance engineers on the training and labour market in Germany and in our project countries.

As far as sports are concerned, our commitment is mainly dedicated to football. Here we support first league teams as official sponsor, e.g. Gabon's first-division team FC 105 Libreville, as well as smaller football teams with jerseys and sports gear, for instance, the team from the water supply authority in the city of Lobito.

Furthermore, GAUFF Engineering is involved as official sponsor of the Africa Festival in Würzburg and in the charity gala in support of the Future Hope Orphanage Home e.V. (FHOH).

With the help of the funds raised, an orphanage with sleeping places, sanitary facilities and a classroom will be built by FHOH in Lagos, Nigeria, to give orphans a perspective in life. In a second step, a small orchard and vegetable garden is planned, so as to ensure a varied diet of the children by self-cultivated products.