Securing efficient and sustainable mobility is the foundation of today's societies. Whether rural or urban areas, village communities or big cities: people everywhere around the world benefit when new infrastructures are built or existing ones are expanded or rehabilitated. GAUFF Engineering implements transport development plans by means of detailed analysis of all relevant hubs as well as hundreds of kilometres of traffic routes.
This is how we make entire regions accessible.

Our Services

Construction, Expansion and Rehabilitation of Roads and Bridges

We specialise in building, expanding and rehabilitation of roads both inside and outside cities as part of comprehensive infrastructure projects. In the two West African countries of Angola and Gabon alone, GAUFF Engineering is currently building a road network of more than a thousand kilometres.

Railway Lines

The growing demand for passenger and freight transport calls for efficiently designed rail networks. We can advise you on how to adapt or expand existing rail systems. Our services also include studies, like the recent study on the "Rehabilitation of the electrical equipment of railway lines in Cuba".

Ports and Airports

Regions with strong economic growth need high-performance ports and airports in order to meet high demands for logistics. Conventional hydraulic engineering, such as the construction of new ports, is also part of our service portfolio.

Transport Development Plans

Regional planning policies are implemented in transport development plans. The specific choice of scenarios provides a high degree of planning reliability for expanding transport infrastructures.
GAUFF Engineering has, among other things, developed a White paper on transport policy for Angola.

Transport Systems and Traffic Management

GAUFF Engineering secures the performance of transport systems (road and rail, port and airport) through suitable technical management systems and implemented traffic management.