Company - The GAUFF Group

From the steadily expanding companies and engineering firms founded by Helmut P. Gauff, over the decades the successfully operating GAUFF Group has developed.

GAUFF GmbH & Co. Engineering KG - still independent and family-run – is heading the GAUFF group and holds significant stakes of all its companies. Our engineers are working in particular divisions for the German, European and international markets and are specialised in the specific requirements and needs of the client as well as in the local ancillary conditions for the fields of water, sewage and traffic infrastructure. As far as projects in the field of energy are concerned, GAUFF Engineering Power GmbH & Co. KG is the appropriate and competent partner for the implementation of projects for energy generation, storage, transmission and distribution.

Following our corporate philosophy of permanent presence at the client's, we are continuously developing our project offices, branches, subsidiaries and affiliates in Germany, Europe, on the African continent as well as in Asia and America.

Today, we as independent consulting engineers are permanently represented on four continents and we offer first-hand "expertise in infrastructure" to our clients in Germany and world-wide.