Our expertise

Comprehensive skills in infrastructure

We are specialists in civil engineering structures, transportations facilities and infrastructure measures.
Our core competency includes the areas of water, waste water, energy and traffic. In addition, we also
support the mediation of tailor-made financing, if required. 

We offer our customers a range of services, going from a well-founded consultancy, planning, construction
supervision and project management to the control of the project. 

With our infrastructure projects, we create efficient, sustainable and environmentally friendly solutions that
drive the development of cities and entire regions. 


The field of drinking water supply is a "commitment to life" for GAUFF Engineering. Based on decades of practical experience, we plan and implement water supply systems for rural and urban settlement structures and operate entire water supply systems in cities and developing regions around the globe.

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Waste Water

In greater urban areas, poor waste water disposal can have disastrous consequences. Highly contaminated or toxic waste water can sometimes destroy entire habitats. GAUFF Engineering offers solutions here that are efficient, sustainable and environmentally friendly.

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We build energy supply infrastructures for entire cities and regions. Taking into account internationally applicable environmental standards, we pave the way for future economic growth and prosperity.

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We implement transport development plans by means of detailed analysis of all relevant hubs as well as hundreds of kilometres of traffic routes. We are thus securing the mobility of entire regions and/or making them accessible in the first place.

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Our finance experts have a long track record in banking. From consultancy to pre-structuring, obtaining finance offers right through to applying for and securing loans, our experts assist our customers in their projects from the very outset. This enables us to provide access to financing that it is tailored to our customers' specific needs.

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Our Services

Benefit from our Strength

State-of-the-art know-how, fast-track project implementation and an excellent cost-to-benefit ratio have been the key to the success of GAUFF Engineering for decades. This success has enabled us to establish lasting customer relations and has convinced many new project partners of our competence.

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