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Wastewater treatment is now a central part of environmental, health and economic policy. Wastewater treatment
and cleaning mean quality of life, prosperity and safety. Sustainable urban water management and well-functioning
wastewater treatment ensure that water, soil and groundwater are polluted as little as possible by waste water.
Especially in urban agglomerations in developing countries, poor disposal can have disastrous consequences.
We implement future-proof sanitation systems and therewith help to preserve both the living spaces and the health
of the population. In doing so, we take into account regional socio-economic requirements to develop sanitation
systems for rural and metropolitan areas, as well as for large cities.

An overview of our projects and references in the field of waste water can be found here.

Surface and wastewater cadastres

We create or revise rain and wastewater cadastres and thus create a solid basis for further processing. Precise and carefully maintained cadastres and sewer databases are the basis for new plans or sewer renovations, especially in urban agglomerations.

Rainwater treatment

The treatment of rainwater is becoming increasingly important in every new infrastructure measure to be planned. Especially in regions with heavy rains, the rain is treated mostly close to the surface. Where areas are missing for surface infiltration, underground rain treatment systems or a discharge in the separation system are required. In our planning, we ensure optimal technical and economic coordination of rainwater treatment with all other supply and disposal media.

Wastewater collection and transport

Construction measures in the field of waste water collection and transport and their dimensioning are often dominated by regional factors. Due to heavy rainfall in some of our African project countries, there is often no mixed sewerage, but only separation sewers. The customary approaches to the amount of precipitation water and the approaches to water consumption must be determined precisely for the estimation of the amounts of precipitation and dirty water for the dimensioning of the sewers and the structural installations. GAUFF Engineering identifies the correct dimensioning of the sewers while paying particular attention to the local conditions.

In addition, we also create condition assessments and sanitation concepts for federal properties in Germany.

Treatment plants

Effective wastewater treatment imposes various requirements depending on the climate zone. Thus, the climatic conditions have a decisive influence on biological cleaning. In any case, GAUFF Engineering offers innovative solutions and, associated with it, a high level of knowledge and regional experience.

Sewage sludge disposal and use

In order to stabilize sewage sludge at an outside temperature of 30 degrees Celsius, a different process is required than at temperatures of -20 degrees. GAUFF Engineering takes this into account, also in order to ensure a later use of the sewage sludge, which is mostly thermally utilized in dried form. The recovery and recycling of substances such as phosphates from waste water and sewage sludge will increasingly play a more important role.

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