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Renewable energies contribute worldwide to covering the growing demand for energy and in the long run
to replace the conventional fossil power plants step-by-step. We are setting state-of-the-art standards in this
field. For example the implementation of hydro power plants enables us to create the infrastructure for
sustainable energy production for entire cities and regions, taking into account internationally valid
environmental requirements.

An overview of our projects and references in the field of energy can be found here.

Hydroelectric power plants

Nowadays hydro energy is the most important source of renewable energies. Thus,  at the beginning of the 21st century, approx. 16.5 % of the worldwide energy demand were covered by hydro power. With our project "Grand Poubara" Hydro Power Plant in Gabon, we are part of this success story. Feasibility studies, environmental compliance studies, environmental management as well as relevant audits are essential components of our engineering services.


Solar energy is one of the renewable, clean energies. In contrast to fossil energy sources such as gas and coal, the availability of solar energy is practically unlimited, as the resources are almost inexhaustible. We are planning to use this energy in a concentrated manner in developing countries. One of our lighthouse projects is the electrification of 300 villages in Senegal using photovoltaic systems. 

Wind energy

The use of wind energy is an essential component of a sustainable energy management, due to the utilization of an energy source without exhausting it. Off- and on-shore plants are industrially proven and are reliably producing clean electricity. Together with the client, we developpe needs-based solutions, which will be implemented together with other renewable energy-technologies.


Biomass has a solid basic acceptance among the population as a carbon-neutral, renewable energy source. A balanced agricultural production of sustainably growing raw materials allows an efficient and ecological production of energy by means of biomass power plants. Together with our partners, we advise our customers and create the conditions for implementation and the operation of such power plants. This service also includes education and training of the technical staff.

Local and district heating

Local and district heating networks enable efficient and sustainable use of energy, especially when using renewable energies. The heating energy generated in thermal power stations, biogas plants or geothermal energy is transported to the consumer via local and district heating lines. In the development of new districts and regions, this type of heat generation is becoming increasingly important due to its ecological advantages. We plan efficient networks for the heat supply of entire districts.

Energy storage

Pumped storage power plants are the most efficient and largest energy storage systems currently available. But the development in battery storage technology is also progressing continuously. Battery storage systems up to 5 MWh are already successfully in use today.

The combinations of photovoltaic plants and battery storage systems associated, f. ex. with water treatment plants, can ensure a self-sufficient, safe and clean water supply in rural areas in the future. We offer tailor-made combinations of energy storage systems according to local requirements.

Transmission networks and power distribution

In order to bring the generated energy to the consumer, overhead line or cable systems are mainly used. Renewable energies in particular, with the increasing possibility of decentralized energy supply, require intelligently designed grid structures. With our proven partners, we implement such composite systems according to requirements.

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