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Efficient and sustainable mobility is the foundation for an economic and social development of modern societies.
Whether rural or urban areas, village communities or metropolises: people all over the world benefit from the
construction of new or the expansion or rehabilitation of existing transport infrastructures and transport facilities.
GAUFF Engineering draws up traffic development plans on the basis of detailed traffic analyses, plans to develop
entire districts and implements traffic routes with a length of several hundred kilometers.

An overview of our projects and references in the field of transport can be found here.

Construction, Expansion and Rehabilitation of Roads and Bridges

We are specialists in the construction, expansion and rehabilitation of roads inside and outside cities. With bridges, we are leading the roads via other traffic routes or natural obstacles such as rivers. Thanks to our decades of experience and expertise in quality assurance during construction, we are highly valued by our customers both in Germany and worldwide. In Angola and Gabon alone, we have built road networks with a total length of more than a thousand kilometers and monitored the construction of Africa's longest suspension bridge in Mozambique.

Railway Lines

The growing global demand for transport services for people and goods requires efficiently designed rail networks. We advise you on how to convert or expand existing systems under a rolling wheel.

Ports and Airports

Fast-growing economic regions need correspondingly efficient sea and airports in order to meet the high logistics requirements. Classical waterway engineering, such as the new Bukasa Port in Uganda, is just as much a part of our catalogue of services as the construction of airports, like the reconstruction of the west apron at Munich Airport.

Transport Development Plans

Spatial planning guidelines are implemented in transport development plans. The specific selection of scenarios represents a high degree of planning security for the development of transport infrastructure. GAUFF Engineering has developed, among other things, a White Paper on transport policy for Angola.

Transport Systems and Traffic Management

GAUFF Engineering ensures the performance of transport, supply and disposal infrastructures through well balanced and future-proof development planning for cities, municipalities and private investors. The basis for this is precise measurements. Environmental compatibility as well as environmental protection and nature conservation interests are also included in our plans as a matter of course.

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State-of-the-art know-how, fast-track project implementation and an excellent cost-to-benefit ratio have been the key to the success of GAUFF Engineering for decades. This success has enabled us to establish lasting customer relations and has convinced many new project partners of our competence.

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