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According to a United Nations declaration, the right to clean water has been a human right since July 2010. 
Contaminated drinking water continues to be the main reason for most illnesses. Although the situation
has been improving in the last years, more than 2.2 billion people still do not have regular access to clean
water and 785 million people do not even have basic supply of drinking water (UN Word Water Report 2020). 

The field of drinking water supply is a "commitment to life" for GAUFF Engineering. Based on decades of practical
experience, we plan and implement water supply systems for cities and developing regions worldwide and are covering
herewith the whole range of competences going from the extraction through the treatment, storage to the
distribution of water.

An overview of our projects and references in the field of water can be found here.

Water cadastre

The elaboration of water cadastres and databases requires, besides of the historical and technical know-how - such as the knowledge about historical construction -, a high degree of cultural experience and state-of-the-art equipment that can for instance be used to identify leaks. We are repeatedly and successfully applying this expertise for our customers.

Water extraction

Part of the water extraction is the new development of ground water, the revision of existing sources, the rehabilitation of wells and the sanitation of existing water intakes.

In our project countries, most of the water intake is coming from river water extraction points . We have the experience needed to perform this kind of operation on site and to ensure a smooth functioning for decades.

Water treatment

The treatment of raw water intake from rivers, sources or from ground water is one of the most important process steps during the production of drinking water. 

In addition to the quality of the water treatment, we put an emphasis on the future exploitation or the treatment plant itself. This plant has to run smoothly at a high quality level at all times.

Water storage

Drinking water storage is a key aspect of planning. The storage tanks must be large enough to ensure an independent supply for the population even over a long period of time.

Water transport

Greater urban areas usually receive their water from very distant water extraction plants.  Remote water supply line frequently are more than one hundred kilometers long. The water transport over such distances requires a high degree of operational reliability, that we are guaranteeing with a well-founded planning of our projects.

Water distribution 

We have an extensive experience in the new construction and sanitation of water distribution networks. Besides the proper lines, distribution of water means also the avoidance, respectively the repair of pressure shock problems in the pipe network as well as the pressure measurement via hydraulic modelling at the hydrants. Those are all aspects that are included in our planning and implemented as well. Furthermore, we are also generating condition assessments as well as redevelopment concepts inter alia for federal real properties on national territory.  

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