• Design Services for Construction of Ferizaj Water Supply Scheme

    Client: STRABAG AG
    Project location: Kosovo
    Project term: 24 months
    Project start: 09/2019


Detailed Design incl. Permits and Authorization Management for Construction of Ferizaj Water Supply Scheme


Ferizaj is located in the south of Kosovo and is the sixth largest city in the country with a population of around 42,000 (year 2021). In the drier summer months, the water supply was sometimes limited because the wells near the surface carried little water or dried up. Therefore, the existing water supply system was to be expanded in order to provide the entire population with sufficient clean drinking water all year round.


The overall project scope defines the construction of an extension to the existing municipal water systems of the Ferizaj Municipality consisting of the following components:

  • Construction of 5 new wells including raw water transmission lines to the DWTP,
  • Construction of DWTP with capacity of 80 l/s incl. residual system (backwash water), a clean water tank and pumping station,
  • Construction of Clean water transmission main,
  • Construction of Elevated clean water reservoir with a capacity of 500 m³
  • Extension of existing network feeding line.

GAUFF Engineering was responsible for the elaboration of the overall design for the wells, transmission lines, the DWTP as well as the water reservoir. The scope of work also included the sizing and design of the mechanical equipment, the technical building equipment and the preparation of the architectural design.


Analysis of existing systems,
Water treatment process concept
Conceptual design
Main design
Detailed design
Commissioning and startup of the Drinking Water Treatment Plant (DWTP)
Training of local staff,
Compilation of as built drawings

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