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Professional procurement today involves not just customary procurement and delivery measures,
but also a host of additional services that primarily serve to ensure and control product quality.
These services range from adapting tender documents to factory acceptance of goods right through
to training specialists to handle these issues. GAUFF Engineering performs procurement services
as a single module, as a complete package and in combination, in any desired volume.

Our Services

Preparation of Tender Documents and Obtaining Bids

We prepare tender documents for deliveries on the basis of real demand and solicit the
bids. In addition to focusing on cost-to-benefit ratio and quality, we also imply our many
years of experience on site.

Bid Evaluation, Work Estimation, Optimisation of Investment Costs

With GAUFF Engineering, you can rest assured that the products which we buy for you can,
if necessary,  withstand tropical conditions, for instance, and that spare parts will be available
on site many years down the line (spare parts logistics).

Co-Ordination of Material Deliveries and Services, including Transport Logistics

As part of our procurement services, we ensure that the material arrives at the place of
destination on schedule and in a condition ready for processing. This means that we look
after the entire transport logistics, including the provision of freight and customs documents.

Factory Acceptance of Products

In our determination to ensure high quality, we carry out acceptance of the goods to be
delivered at the factory even before they are packaged.

Ongoing Invoice Examination and Issuing of Payment Documents

Reliable book-keeping means that invoices are issued on the basis of the agreed credit
situation, checked and prepared for payment.


We represent the owner during acceptance procedures and are able to ensure ongoing,
comprehensive quality control (quality management) combined with maximum
transparency of the services rendered.

Object Maintenance and Documentation

We document the entire life of the project and keep documentation as an additional
back-up for our customers, also for the future.

Training Specialists

In order to ensure smooth operation, we train specialists for our customers around
the globe. We train these specialists to use, handle and process the delivered goods.

Comprehensive competences

Benefit from our expertise

With well-founded knowledge in the fields of water, wastewater, energy, transport and financing, GAUFF Engineering convinces worldwide. It is based on decades of practical experience. This creates as a result efficient, sustainable and environmentally friendly solutions that give regions an essential added value.

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