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Project Management

We plan for the future, we co-ordinate carefully and check quality on a regular basis: these are the
cornerstones of successful project management. Our seasoned staff can handle even the biggest and
most complex of infrastructure projects and bring them to completion on schedule.

Our Services

Project Identification

Together with potential customers, GAUFF Engineering explores needs and
presents concepts. We bring together decision-makers, form alliances with lenders and
thus create the setting in which ideas can finally become reality.

Socio-Economic Consultancy

A key part of each project phase involves communicating the necessity for the proposed
project to the user. GAUFF Engineering addresses the special needs and requirements of
future users during each phase of project implementation.

Efficiency Audit

We evaluate the different approaches and compare them with defined benefit factors.
In this way, we can help you to decide on the most economically efficient solution
for your project.

Preparation of Tender Documents and Involvement in Contract Awarding

It goes without saying that project specifications from GAUFF Engineering meet with the
requirements for international tendering (prequalification and subsequent bid submission).
We also can assist you during contract awarding.

Cash Flow Management

Prudent control of work billing is vital. At regular intervals, we mirror the investments
made with the respective status of work and check the costs incurred during the project
against the specified expenditure.

Co-Ordination of Project Partners

In addition to technical co-ordination, GAUFF Engineering also provides regular reporting in
order to warrant the permanent flow of information between all the project partners.


If basics, such as as-built plans for water supply grids, statistics on water consumption or the
population to be serviced, are missing, we draw up or update as-built plans. We train local
specialists in order to ensure that plans continue to be updated in the future.


GAUFF Engineering issues monthly reports and comprehensive quarterly
reports to document projects.

Special Services

The operation of entire supply grids calls for a high degree of expertise combined with a wealth
of experience in business operation and administration. We offer this operation as a service.

Comprehensive competences

Benefit from our expertise

With well-founded knowledge in the fields of water, wastewater, energy, transport and financing, GAUFF Engineering convinces worldwide. It is based on decades of practical experience. This creates as a result efficient, sustainable and environmentally friendly solutions that give regions an essential added value.

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