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Studies and Planning

Specific and thorough planning is the basis for a successful and timely project implementation
within the agreed budget. Precision and caution in the planning work, combined with a permanent
presence in the region, are a matter of course for us. We know the country and its people and
incorporate the geographical and economic circumstances into the projects.

Our Services

Demand Planning with Demand Assessment

Demand planning and needs assessment are tools to provide builders with all the necessary information
for investment decisions. Demand planning lays the foundation for all further planning steps.


Studies serve as a fundament for infrastructure measures in order to essentially decide on the
implementation, variants or further execution of a project based on of the technical and economic
aspects. For our customers, we prepare feasibility studies and environmental impact studies with
suggested solutions taking into account local circumstances, examine the materials and include
socio-economic factors in our assessments.

Impact Assessment

Assessing the impact of a project on the environment and the legitimate concerns of the population
who may be affected is an essential part of any planning for us. Taking into account impact assessments,
the population and public stakeholders can be fully informed about a planned project, which increases
acceptance in the implementation phase.

Basic Determination

Through an intensive exchange with the clients and the public authorities, we lay the foundations
for a successful project implementation. This includes, in particular, clarifying the actual task
and compiling the specifically required work.


For upcoming planning, the pre-planning explores possible solutions in several options. In doing so,
the interests of constructive design, expediency and cost-effectiveness are taken into account, while
respecting the environmental compatibility. E.g. different variants of the routing are created and evaluated
when planning a road. We offer studies of alternatives from both a technical and an economic point of
view. Visualizations are an important part of this pre-planning.

Design Planning

The design planning is based on the results of the pre-planning. Taking into account the subject-specific
requirements, the design documents (plans, explanatory report, cost calculation) are prepared to the
necessary extent. This is how we ensure our customers a feasible implementation of the planning.

Approval Planning

Professional preparation and elaboration of documents for hearings, citizens' consultations or approval
procedures ensures the smooth implementation of the construction project, whether at home or abroad.
Approval planning thus marks the conclusion of the planning process, which is then followed
by the implementation phase.

Execution Planning

We prepare detailed execution documents for the builder, which enable accurate and timely
implementation as well as compliance with the specified budget.

Preparation of Contract Awarding

In the frame of the preparation of the award documents, we offer service descriptions not only
functionally, e.g. on the basis of purely goal-oriented information, but also complement them with the
concrete and very detailed presentation of the corresponding service items as well as single items.
If necessary, we also prepare the entire technical specifications as well as technical contract terms.
In this context, we take into account the local legislation as a matter of course.

Participation in Contract Awarding

During the contract awarding phase, we evaluate the offers of the companies on a computer-supported
basis. We extract the technical and economic information necessary for the award, prepare it for the
decision-makers and express our recommendations for the award. With our expertise, we therefore
can speed up significantly an awarding process.

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With well-founded knowledge in the fields of water, wastewater, energy, transport and financing, GAUFF Engineering convinces worldwide. It is based on decades of practical experience. This creates as a result efficient, sustainable and environmentally friendly solutions that give regions an essential added value.

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