Barton barracks Ansbach, repair of drinking water network

The US Army would like to station 400 additional soldiers in the Barton barracks in Ansbach. To this end, it is investing a three-digit million sum for construction measures and maintenance in the barracks. An important part of the rehabilitation measures is the realisation of a separate supply for drinking and extinguishing water.

For this purpose, GAUFF Engineering was commissioned by the Nuremberg State Building Authority in June 2023 with the planning services for the project design of the engineering structures (supply networks and storage tanks with a pump building) and the specialist planning for the technical equipment.

The drinking and extinguishing water supply in the Barton barracks is currently provided by a combined water supply network. This combined water supply network no longer complies with the generally acknowledged rules of technology.

As early as 2013, and within a master plan for several barracks, it has been investigated whether the extinguishing water supply meets the increased requirements of US regulations. Deficits were identified. In order to fulfil the requirements for the fire-fighting water supply, some of the diameters would have to be enlarged. However, in order to ensure the drinking water supply in the future, the existing diameters would have to be significantly reduced. These circumstances led to the requirement to implement a separate drinking and extinguishing water supply in the Barton barracks.

GAUFF Engineering's planning contract therefore includes all measures for separating the existing water supply network by establishing independent grids for the future drinking and extinguishing water supply. The various plans of the US armed forces for the demolition and new construction of buildings on the barracks premises must also be taken into consideration.

The services include preliminary, design and implementation planning as well as the compilation of tender documents in preparation for the construction measures. This planning should be completed by the end of 2024.

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