Ceremony to start the Cuchi Cutato project in Angola

On 23.09.2019, the Minister of Civil Engineering and Public Works of Angola, Manuel Tavares de Almeida, in the province of Cuando Cubango, kicked off the project for the reconstruction of the EN 280 road in the Cuchi-Cutato section with a length of approximately 54 km. In addition to the delegation of the minister and media representatives, Julio Bessa, the governor of Cuando Cubango, and Dirk Lölke, Ambassador of the Federal Republic of Germany in Angola, attended the ceremony, which was accompanied by traditional dances.

After the official ceremony and presentation of the project by the state highway authority INEA, the delegation visited the construction site facility and a material storage site for the building material. There, representatives of the exporting consortium GAUFF Engineering and INZAG Germany explained the previous work steps and the mobilisation for the project.

The rehabilitated road section is planned to be completed in 14 months. Follow-up projects for the rehabilitation of further road sections are already being negotiated between GAUFF Engineering and INEA.

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