Comprehensive expert report about road and bridge building projects in Gabon

The Ministry of Budget and Public Finances of the Republic of Gabon has contracted GAUFF Engineering for drawing up a technical expert report in which the planning and construction services of eleven projects will be reviewed in terms of quality and volume. The review covered specifically the following infrastructure measures: three projects for the construction and rehabilitation of highways, two projects for the construction and repair of bridges, five projects for the construction and rehabilitation of urban roads or the development of residential areas by road construction, as well as one project for the construction of an officers’ training center.

The purpose of the technical audit was the definition of service areas in which quality needs to be improved in the future, as well as the identification of service areas in which building investment costs can be reduced by increased efficiency.

Our services included, among others, a review of all contract-relevant documents, in particular a general verification of the statements of work and of contractual volumes.

On this basis, the services actually rendered were examined in detail, and incomplete services or services not rendered were fully documented. The state of the projects to be reviewed was documented in street record sheets by photographs, visual means and measurements. For this purpose, a geotechnical campaign was conducted,  including taking of samples and quality tests (on site and in the lab), and the plausibility of the services rendered analyzed against the geotechnical data.

Comprehensive aerial surveys and additional on-the-spot survey work rounded off the data collection and assessment of the services rendered.

One big challenge for GAUFF Engineering was the task of performing a comprehensive recording and assessment of eleven projects spread all over the southern half of Gabon in less than three months. With an international team of 15 experienced engineers, we were able to accomplish this task in due time while maintaining our high quality standards.

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