COVID-19 - GAUFF Engineering manages to keep operation going

There is currently only one topic worldwide: the rapid spread of the new Sars-CoV-2 virus or corona disease and how best to counteract this pandemic in order to protect as many lives as possible.

As a responsible family company, we fully support the measures taken by the Bavarian State Government to contain the corona pandemic and protect the health of our employees. Since March 16, 2020, the vast majority of our employees in Germany have been working well networked from mobile workplaces or from their home office, with a core team at our corporate headquarters in Nuremberg continuing to staff all the important switching points. Our customers and business partners can reach us as usual by telephone, e-mail or messenger such as Skype or teams. We work hard every day to ensure a reliable and continuous continuation of all projects worldwide.

Currently, without exception, all projects and construction sites at home and abroad continue to run according to plan, construction meetings take place outdoors with the appropriate safety distance and the required minimum distance to colleagues is also maintained on construction sites.

We are grateful and proud of our employees who, despite this very challenging time as well professionally as privately, reliably perform their tasks every day. Even though we as a team have to maintain spatial distances from each other, this crisis will bond us together even more.

Please also take the recommended protective measures to heart and stay healthy.
Together we are stronger than the virus!

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