Festive inauguration of the road Cariango-Mussende in Angola

On the 17.09.2020, the national road EN140 going from Cariango to Mussende has been festively inaugurated in the presence of representatives of the Angolan Government. This important road section is located in the Kwanza Sul province and has been successfully rehabilitated by the consortium consisting of “GAUFF Engineering/Queiroz Galvão Konstruktion GmbH” in a construction period of approximate 15 months, the old road section being almost impassable for the traffic.

The inauguration ceremony has been attended by the Minister of State for Economic Coordination, Manuel Nunes Júnior, the Minister of Public Works and Regional Planning, Manuel Tavares de Almeida, and the Provincial Governor of Cuanza Sul, Job Castelo Capinha. 

The rehabilitation of the road section started in June 2019 and rebuilds the important connexion between the villages of Quibala, Cariango and Mussende. It enables and promotes at a regional level the fast, convenient and safe transport of goods and people between the center of the country and the Atlantic coast. The rehabilitated section has a length of 33.81 km, is paved in bituminous concrete, and has a total width of 9.0 m, of which 7.0 meters are reserved for the two lanes and 1.0 m for the fortified shoulder of each road side. The building measures also include the construction of three new bridges, with 12 m, 20 m and 66 meters in length, and the implementation of 19 new hydraulic culverts along the section.

At the ceremony, Minister Manuel Tavares de Almeida announced that Angola is initiating a new era in the field of road construction, based on the standards of the Southern African Development Community (SADC). Within this framework, the next phase is going to be the

continuation of the road section from Mussende until Cangandala, having a length of approximatively 98 km, the contract for this project has already been approved by the President of Angola. GAUFF Engineering is supposed to implement the rehabilitation of the road as a part of the well-established consortium with Queiroz Galvão Konstruktion GmbH.

The Minister of State also expressed his interest for the possible further commissioning of the Consortium with the rehabilitation works of the road section EN 140, with its length of approximatively 170 km, connecting Mussende with Andulo in the Province of Bíé in the southern part of the country.

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