Foundation stone laid for a bio-veterinary center in Huambo, Angola

On Friday, May 27th, 2022, the Angolan Minister of Agriculture and Fisheries, António Francisco Assis, laid the foundation stone for a bio-veterinary center for the production and development of animal vaccines in Huambo, Angola. In the capital of the province of the same name, not only production facilities for vaccine manufacturing are being built on an area of 20,000 square meters, but also areas for quality control and application tests, as well as a modern research and development laboratory.

In his speech, Francisco Jamba Kata, Deputy Governor of Huambo, emphasized the special political, economic and social significance of the project. The planned production capacity for vaccines will exceed local needs by far and will not only make Angola independent of vaccine imports, but also allow the export of a large part of the vaccines to other countries. During the construction period for the veterinary center, 400 direct and around 700 indirect jobs will be created.

GAUFF Engineering will assume the planning services, quality monitoring, procurement and project management in the project. This also encloses the commissioning of the entire system, including the necessary test runs, qualification and validation. NORÁFRICA, which was commissioned with the overall project in a consortium with GAUFF Engineering by the Angolan Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries, is responsible for the construction.

The completion and commissioning of this trailblazing project with a volume of 125 million euros should be completed by 2025.

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