GAUFF Engineering Power makes another contribution to the expansion of photovoltaics in Ethiopia

The consortium “Suntrace and GAUFF Engineering Power” is proud to have been commissioned again by the International Finance Corporation (IFC) with the technical consultancy for the development and tendering of photovoltaics projects (PV) in Ethiopia. The project “Ethiopia Solar 2A” is expected to include the tendering of PV power plants with an output of more than 200 MW in total. With the signature of the contract in March 2020 we also started to carry out the work for the project.

The IFC, being part of the World Bank Group, acts as an international development bank, focusing particularly on the support of the private sector.

In the previous project, which was implemented from 2017 to 2018, Suntrace and GAUFF Engineering Power have already successfully supported the implementation of PV power plants in Ethiopia with a total output of approx. 250 MW, from their site analysis up to contract awarding.

Continuing the beneficial division of works between the consortium partners, GAUFF Engineering Power is responsible for the assistant project management, for the project management of the site investigations, hydrological studies, geotechnical investigations, topographic surveys as well as for the assessment of the environmental and social impact for the project “Ethiopia Solar 2A”.

The risk assessment of the first potential sites (Phase 1) has already been completed.

Phase 2 of the project is in progress since July 2020. In that process, the sites that were chosen based on the studies of Phase 1, are going to be examined thoroughly for their suitability.

The next step in Phase 3 is going to be the final assessment of the sites regarding their social and ecological impact, the assessment going beyond the technical feasibility, as well as the preparation of the tender documents.

The support of the tendering procedure in Phase 4 should be completed in spring 2021.

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