German Enterprises for Africa's Development

The future economic and social development of our neighbouring continent is of vital importance, not only for Germany and Europe. During its G20 Presidency, the Federal Government would like to set a focal point of its work on a "Marshall Plan with Africa" and for this also relies on the expertise and resourceful support from German enterprises. A meeting on this topic was held in the Chancellery building on 28 March, in which Chancellor Angela Merkel as well as Minister for Trade and Industry Brigitte Zypries and Minister for Economic Cooperation and Development Gerd Müller participated. Together with representatives form German small and medium-sized enterprises and groups they discussed the requirements for further investments in Africa and the development of strategic lighthouse projects.

GAUFF Engineering was represented by our founder Helmut P. Gauff, who successfully implemented first projects in Africa as early as the sixties and  was happy to provide information from his decades of experience for the discussion.

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