Implementation phase of Janjari’s irrigation system in Albania begins

In June 2020, the construction works for the restoration of the irrigation system of Janjari begun. The core elements of the system are the Janjari canal and the Mursi canal as well as the corresponding barrages, located in the far south of the country, in the border region to Greece.

The workgroup of engineers GAUFF GmbH & Co. Engineering KG, GR Albania and YOLSU was commissioned in March 2019 with the rehabilitation works for the Janjari irrigation system. Those works include feasibility studies, detailed design studies for the irrigation and drainage diagram of the Janjari canal and the Mursi canal as well as environmental and social management plans (ESMP) for the corresponding irrigation infrastructures. . In addition, workshops were held with stakeholder groups to identify the preferred option for rehabilitation (gravity irrigation) and modernisation (siphonic irrigation). The construction supervision of the renovation work was also part of it.

The project, which has been financed by the World Bank, was commissioned by the Albanian Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (MARD, the Ministry being, among others things, in charge of the operation, the maintenance and the modernisation of the I & D infrastructure (I & D = Irrigation and Drainage) as well as for the safety of the irrigation dams and the flood protection systems.

After having successfully completed the feasibility study, the report concerning the security of the dams and the rehabilitation, the design of the rehabilitation including  technical specifications, the assessment of the quantity structure (BoQ) as well as the ESMP study for the reservoirs of Mursi and Janjari, the construction phase for the implementation of the system is now running and GAUFF Engineering is in charge of its construction supervision.

The construction works are supposed to be completed within eight months and are going to be followed by a warranty period of twelve months.

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