Important road rehabilitation measures in Cuando Cubango and Kuanza Sul, Angola

The joint venture of INZAG Germany & GAUFF Engineering has been commissioned to perform the rehabilitation of national road EN 280 in the Angolan province of Cuando Cubango. Angola’s Construction Minister, Artur Fortunato, conducted the festive signature ceremony himself on July 14th, 2017 at the starting point of the EN 280 in the municipality of Cuchi. From Cuchi the road runs about 54 kilometers to Cutato, located at the border of the province of Huila. The joint venture of INZAG Germany & GAUFF Engineering is responsible for planning, procurement and for the execution of the construction work. The contract value of the rehabilitation measures amounts to a total of 60 million euros. A German bank consortium will ensure the funding.

The road, which has existed since the colonial era, traverses the province of Cuando Cubango in the South of the Republic of Angola; it is the main connection between the province capital of Menongue in the country’s interior and Lubango, the capital of Huila. From Lubango the road runs on to the port town of Namibe on the Atlantic Ocean, which makes it one of the most important east west development corridors for the economic diversification of Angola. After the civil war it was renovated step by step. The Cuchi-Cutato section was the last still waiting for rehabilitation. The road construction projects is thus an important element of regional development, since the rehabilitated infrastructure will allow the creation of a large number of new jobs, especially in agriculture and mining as well as in the supply and processing industry.

The signature ceremony was attended, in addition to regional dignitaries,by the Governor of the province of Huila, João Marcelino Tyipinge, the Vice-Governor of the province of Cuando Cubango, Ernesto Kiteculo, the German ambassador in Angola, Rainer Müller, and the Director General of the Road Institute of Angola (INEA,) António Resende.

Just one week later, GAUFF Engineering was able to sign a similar project in the province of Kuanza Sul where, in a consortium with the building company of Queiroz Galvão Konstruktion GmbH, 34 kilometers of national road EN 240 will be rehabilitated. This project, too, with an estimated value of 40 million euros, is expected to give a boost to the economic and tourism development of the connected region.

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