Lichtenreuth – a new district for Nuremberg

Lichtenreuth is the name of the new district of Nuremberg, which is going to evolve on the premises of the former southern train station. GAUFF Engineering is responsible for the planning of the development of the 100 hectares area located on the western side of the Dutzendteich, including the transportation facilities and the civil engineering structures.

The landowner, the Aurelis Asset GmbH, together with the city of Nuremberg initiated an urban planning competition to set the basis for the design, the agency “West 8” from Rotterdam did win that contest with its concept. The total area of the new city district is divided into four modules. The district of Lichtenreuth is going domiciliate   living and commercial areas interspersed with several areas of green space and parks, as well as the new university campus of Nuremberg.

From spring 2017 to July 2018, GAUFF Engineering has created and completed the preliminary planning of the whole area (module I to IV) on behalf of Aurelis Asset GmbH. The pre-planning includes the road and canal construction in conjunction with all necessary connection utilities (f. ex. for gas and water supply).

Currently, the master plan of module I, which area amounts to 30 hectares from the total surface, is being proceeded. The development plan from GAUFF Engineering is building upon this master plan.

GAUFF Engineering is assuming responsibility for the local supervision of the construction works for the road and canal construction as well as for the coordination of the different lines of business and process utilities during the execution phase, which is expected to start in 2020 for module I.

The construction costs for the development of module I are estimated to amount to several millions of euros for the transportation facilities and the civil engineering structures. 

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