Rebuilding the water supply in Homs in Syria

On behalf of the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC), GAUFF Engineering has been entrusted since March 2022 with developing a "diagnosis and feasibility study for the rehabilitation of the Ain Al Tannour pumping station in Syria / Homs Governorate". The public water supply of Homs is one of the largest drinking water systems in Syria and currently ensures the supply of safe and clean drinking water to more than 1.5 million people. With the conflict in Syria lasting more than ten years, the need for rehabilitation and maintenance work in Homs' water supply network is growing noticeably.

The water supply system consists of the Ain Al Tannour pumping station, which pumps and disinfects the water from the spring lake. The lake is fed by a group of underground springs from the Cretaceous period. The disinfected water is then pumped to three underground water reservoirs at the Homs pumping station.

As part of the project, GAUFF Engineering will carry out a diagnosis of the Ain Al Tannour pumping station and design a comprehensive rehabilitation program in which short, medium and long-term measures will be identified, coordinated and analysed with regard to their respective risks. The proposed work program is designed to optimise water production over time and ensure the sustainable operation and maintenance of the Ain Al Tannour pumping station. In addition to the creation of preliminary drafts, specifications and bills of quantities for all identified renovation work, GAUFF Engineering will also develop proposals for an institutional and capacity building for the operating staff. This project, which is very important for the Homs governorate, is to be completed within five months.

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