Rehabilitated water supply of Mocuba inaugurated

On 22 December 2020, the Mozambican Minister of Construction, João Osvaldo Moisés Machatine, inaugurated the rehabilitated water supply system of Mocuba. This system had been badly damaged by the floods caused by the heavy rains that hit the province in 2015. Mocuba is located in the province of Zambézia, and is one of the ten largest cities in Mozambique.

The much-needed rehabilitation of the destroyed facilities had a project volume of approximately USD 4.6 million and was part of a loan from the International Development Association (IDA) to implement the Emergency Resilient Recovery Project for the northern and central regions of Mozambique.

The project consisted of two phases. In the first phase of so called emergency measures, which lasted more than 18 months, the supply of clean drinking water to 65,000 people was restored. Among other things, it included the construction of seven water taps, a new water collection point on the Lugela River and a 900-metre pipeline. In addition, river groynes were built to ensure the water course of the river towards the collection point and to prevent silting at the tapping point. The rehabilitation of the water treatment plant and the installation of an automatic dosing system, the construction of a distribution network of around 27 kilometers and the installation of electrical and electromechanical systems, including a generator, completed the work in phase I of the project.

Phase II included the preparation of detailed planning and tender documents for the long-term modernization of Mocuba's existing water supply system. In this project, GAUFF Engineering was responsible for the preparation of detailed planning, tender documents and the supervision of emergency repairs and construction work.

All services (including Phase II) were successfully completed in January 2021.

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