Technical audit for the project IDRIS in Doha

The objective of the project IDRIS (Inner Doha Re-sewerage Implementation Strategy) in Doha is the restructuring and expansion of the sewage system of the capital of Qatar in accordance with the latest technical and highest environmental standards. The project includes, among other services, the construction of more than 40 kilometers of sewage pipeline as well as a new sewage treatment plant.

Within the framework of the tendering process, GAUFF Engineering has been charged with the revision and verification of all the contract-related documents in the form of a technical audit.  The audit includes in particular:

  • the review of all the tender documents for the main pumping station and the new sewage treatment plant in Doha
  • a statement concerning the quality and the degree of detail of the tender documents
  • the review concerning the adequacy of the timeframe the planners invested to achieve the design work
  • the compilation of the final independent assessment

It was a big challenge for GAUFF Engineering to review the data of the extensive IDRIS Project from December 2017 on, and to evaluate the documents. All design drawings, tender documents, reports, technical specifications and exchange of letters from the involved planning offices were extensively reviewed and evaluated.

With an international team of eight experienced engineers, GAUFF Engineering has been able to carry out this audit, being on schedule and in compliance with the high quality standards.

Complementary workshops are currently planned to be held on site.

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