GAUFF Engineering Power makes another contribution to the expansion of photovoltaics in Ethiopia

The consortium “Suntrace and GAUFF Engineering Power” is proud to have been commissioned again by the International Finance Corporation (IFC) with the technical consultancy for the development and tendering of...

14. September 2020 | more

Implementation phase of Janjari’s irrigation system in Albania begins

In June 2020, the construction works for the restoration of the irrigation system of Janjari begun. The core elements of the system are the Janjari canal and the Mursi canal as well as the corresponding barrages,...

24. July 2020 | more

Successful supervision audit per DQS

GAUFF Engineering has successfully passed the supervision audit of the certification according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 ... more

09. July 2020 | more

IBER LEPENC, "IBER Canal", Kosovo - Planning and implementation of water supply security and canal protection

The Iber Canal runs approximately 49 km south from the northern border of Kosovo. It consists of a series of trapezoidal and closed canals, tunnels, aqueducts and free-level culverts. Only about half the length of the...

07. May 2020 | more

Rehabilitation of the water supply system of the city of Mocuba in Mozambique

Commissioned by the World Bank and AIAS to extensively rehabilitate the water supply system for the city of Mocuba in Mozambique ... more

20. April 2020 | more

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