G20-CwA Summit – Large scale projects in the Ivory Coast

In the course of the second summit conference of the G20-Compact with Africa (CwA) countries on November 19th, 2019 in Berlin, GAUFF Engineering has been mandated with two large scale projects in the Ivory...

27. November 2019 | more

Ceremony to start the Cuchi Cutato project in Angola

The Minister of Civil Engineering and Public Works of Angola, Manuel Tavares de Almeida, kicked off the project for the reconstruction of the

21. October 2019 | more

Redesign of the lake Woehrder See in Nuremberg – Beginning of works in order to establish an aquatic consistency

The Woehrder See is an artificially created reservoir that is fed by the river Pegnitz and located on the eastern side of the old town of Nuremberg, right in the center of the urban area. Its purpose is not only flood...

09. October 2019 | more

Feasibility study, detailed planning, evaluation of offers and construction supervision of the “Tongatapu and Outer Island Roads Works” in Tonga

Within the framework of the “Tonga Resilient Transport Project (“TCRTP”), the government of the Kingdom of Tonga ... more

01. October 2019 | more

Munich Airport – Superordinate development AirSite West under construction

With the emergence of an area of about 50 ha. called AirSite West at the Airport of Munich, a new district is under construction, where offices, logistics, restaurants and hotels as well as parking spaces for employees...

09. July 2019 | more

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