31. May 2019

Munich Airport - Start of construction work on West apron for extension of Terminal 1

In April 2019, construction work began on the run-up West at Munich Airport.

In order to be able to work parallel to ongoing flight operations, the construction site was divided off with a fence as a separate "operationally safety-sensitive area".

In the northern part of the existing run-up west, an area of approx. 135,000 m² will be converted.

With over 46.3 million passengers in 2018, Munich Airport (MUC) is one of the largest air hubs in Europe. Flughafen München GmbH (FMG) is investing heavily in the expansion of its infrastructure so that it can continue to provide passengers with the quality of service and accommodation they expect in the future. One of the most important expansion projects is the expansion of Terminal 1, where a new pier will be built to connect existing modules A and B, which extends more than 350 meters into the western apron. A total of six wide-bodied aircrafts or twelve smaller aircrafts will then be able to dock and be dispatched at the new pier.

In order to realize this pier, the complete height engineering reconstruction of the concrete area including the underlying infrastructure on an area of approx. 135,000 square meters is necessary in the northern part of the existing apron West. The GAUFF GmbH & Co. Engineering KG and act-consult AG (ARGE Generalplanung for MUC Vorfeld West) are responsible for the general planning of the civil engineering and slab construction, which will be implemented by STRABAG AG.

Following the completion of individual preliminary measures, the main civil engineering and ceiling construction work on the apron West began in April 2019 immediately adjacent to ongoing flight operations. Naturally, safe and regular flight operations must be guaranteed at all times.

The entire construction area on the apron West was therefore fenced off with a construction site safety fence before construction began. This demarcated construction site has the status of an "operationally safety-sensitive area" and is approached via its own control point on the run-way.

By 2023, the conversion of the apron is to be completed and the new pier will be then operational.