09. March 2020

Engineering services for the implementation of the concession contract for the modernisation, construction, operation and maintenance of "Arber Road", Albania

Arber Road leads from Tirana northeast to the Diber region in the interior

The mountainous area makes it necessary to build tunnels and slope reinforcements

Construction site warehouse with drainage pipes

The "Arber Road" connects Tirana, the capital of Albania, with the "Diber Region" on the border with Macedonia. Various road stability problems exist in numerous sections of this road, which can be attributed to rockfall and / or slope slides. A new section of the "Arber Road" from km 3+600.00 to km 6+290.00 is located on the east-northeast side of Tirana.

The “Arber Road” is being built as part of a PPP model (public private partnership) with the Albanian government by the construction company Gjoka Konstruktion.

The engineering group GAUFF GmbH & Co. Engineering KG with GR ALBANIA was commissioned by the Albanian Ministry of Infrastructure and Energy to monitor the concession contract for the modernisation, construction, operation and maintenance of the two-lane "Arber Road". The term of the contract is 42 months.

The contracted concession route is 27 km long and has a planned target speed of 50 km/h to 60 km/h. After completion of Arber Road, travel time savings of one and a half hours compared to the previous road are expected.

The engineering working group is responsible for the entire project and contract management, detailed planning, monitoring the performance of the construction contractor and training the staff on site or at the client.

The analyses of the geological conditions and the slope stability of the "Arber Road" along the specified work sections have already been completed. At the same time, the experts from GAUFF Engineering in the working group deal with the detailed planning of roads, road surfaces, bridges, drainage structures and other structures.

Construction is expected to be completed in August 2022.