12. November 2018

Opening of the longest suspension bridge of Africa

President Filipe Nyusi during the festive inauguration of the Bridge

a. o. traditional dances were part of the opening program

Group photograph with the Minister of Infrastructure, João Machatine

Special issue stamps for the opening

The fireworks were the widely visible culmination of the inauguration ceremony

On Saturday 11th of November 2018, the president of Mozambique, h. E. Filipe Nyusi opened for traffic the longest suspension bridge of Africa in the capital city of Maputo. More than 3.000 invited guests attended the festive inauguration of the “ponte Maputo-Katembe”, the bridge that has been called “a passageway of development” and “a sign for the social and economic progress” by President Nyusi. At the opening ceremony, beside all speeches, there were also traditional dances, prayers in all religions and, in the evening, as a highlight, there was also a huge firework display illuminating the night sky above the shining Bridge.

The constructor of the bridge is the Empresa de Desenvolvimento de Maputo Sul, E.P. (EDMS) on behalf of the government. The new landmark of the country has been built in a little more than four years by the China Road and Bridge Corporation (CRBC). Gauff Engineering was thereby responsible for the whole quality insurance and construction supervision. With a main track of 680 meters in length and in 60 meters above sea level, the bridge spans the entire entrance of the international seaport of Maputo and is part of the entire bridge, which is more than three kilometer long. The two pylons of the bridge have a foundation up to 100 meters deep and with its height of 140 meters are a widely visible sign for the progress of the country. Each of the two anchor blocks, supporting the weight of the bridge with strong suspension cables, has a total weight of 150.000 tons, loaded on trucks it was a convoy of 70 kilometers length. Altogether, with the corresponding connecting roads, flyover bridges and ramps, the construction did cost round about 660 million euro.

The bridge is the key structure connecting Maputo with the road leading from Katembe toward Ponta do Ouro and the Republic of South Africa. Its inauguration marked an “epoch-making moment in the history of Mozambique” said a delighted President Nyusi.