09. October 2019

Redesign of the lake Woehrder See in Nuremberg – Beginning of works in order to establish an aquatic consistency

The Bavarian Prime Minister Dr. Markus Soeder and the mayor of Nuremberg, Christian Vogel examine a visualization of the planned fish ladder

The planning of the remodeling of the upper Woehrder See

The actual existing embankment is an insurmountable obstacle for fishes and is to be demolished on a width of 20 meters and replaced by a fish ladder

A 3D model of the planned, approx. 70 m long, fish lift.

The Woehrder See is an artificially created reservoir that is fed by the river Pegnitz and located on the eastern side of the old town of Nuremberg, right in the center of the urban area. Its purpose is not only flood prevention, but also being a very popular local recreation area throughout the year. In the course of a total redesign and remodeling of the lake, it is intended to assure the flood prevention in a long term, to upgrade the lake ecologically, and in doing so to improve the attractivity for those seeking relaxation. In addition to this, the aquatic consistency shall be restored on the upper lake Woehrder See, the consistency being interrupted by the existing drop structures at the sand trap in the area of the Ludwig-Erhard-Bridge.

The starting signal for those works has been given by the Bavarian Prime Minister, Dr. Markus Soeder, on October 2nd, 2019, together with the mayor of Nuremberg, Mr. Christian Vogel, as well as Mr. Ulrich Fitzthum, head of Nuremberg’s Water Management Office (WWA), during a brief festive act. Two information panels were unveiled in the course of this ceremony, in order to make accessible all interesting facts about the remodeling and the resulting ecologic advantages to the people passing by.

GAUFF Engineering is responsible for the building planning of the civil engineering works on behalf of the WWA. These works include next to the ready to be performed planning also the preliminary and accompanying engineering services for the constructional realization.

In order to meet the actual water management and nature conservation objectives, a possible fish lift could be implemented via the construction of a bypass channel. This new flow path has to be led through diverse basins, should be designed near-natural, and should enable the passage of the prevalent types of fish in both directions even during low water periods. Therefore, the existing embankment structure situated on the Ludwig-Erhard-Bridge is going to be demolished on a width of around 20 meters in order to equalize the existing fall height of 2,3 m with a meandering flowing section of approx. 70 m.

The important role of the upper Woehrder See, as an existing sand trap, will be maintained further on. The constructional modifications will provide an access to river sections that are going to be beneficial for the reproduction and the development of the fish species. This will boost the biodiversity and especially the fish population in the river Pegnitz as well as in the Woehrder See.

The planning and tendering for the overhauling of the obstruction of the inflow area at the sand trap section, as well as for an algae deposit surface at the bay of Norikus is currently being executed in close dialog between WWA and GAUFF Engineering.

The realization of those measures is going to improve the Water Word Woehrder See in its future attractiveness for all the visitors.