Road refurbishment in Angola - "Kifangondo – Negage"

Construction management contract for the refurbishment of the "Kifangondo – Caxito – Uíge – Negage" road


Merely ten percent of the around 56,000 kilometers of road in Angola are surfaced. As a result of the civil war (1975 - 2002), almost all surfaced roads and around 75% of non-surfaced roads are damaged or can no longer be used, and around two thirds of all6+ bridges were destroyed during that time. Travel remains difficult, especially trips inland. With the help of a comprehensive refurbishment and econstruction plan, Angola's government commissioned around 5,300 kilometers of road to be built between 2002 and the end of 2008. By 2011, this figure is to total 14,000 kilometers. The INEA, "Instituto Nacional de Estradas de Angola", is responsible for planning transport in Angola.


Road refurbishment begins in Kifangondo, 22 kilometers from the capital city of Luanda. It continues on through the cities of Caxito and Uíge, finally ending after 371 kilometers in Negage. Construction work involves both the refurbishment and rebuilding of twelve bridges. GAUFF Engineering is responsible here for supervising all supplies and services to be realized by the construction firms commissioned by Instituto de Estradas de Angola.


  • Planning and consultancy services
  • Mediation and securing financing
  • Supervision, control and inspection of execution of work
  • Construction management