Economy consultancy contract

Contract: Lobbying, economy consultancy and representation for the Republic Gabon


One of the major targets of the Gabonese Republic for the next years is the development of the “non-oil” sector as well as the infrastructure of the country. However, the commitment of the German economy in Gabon has been considerably decreasing since 1985. The Gabonese government would like to have Germany as a strong European partner at his side for his future social and economic development.


In order to mobilize Germany’s huge economic and political potential, the government of Gabon concluded an economy consultancy contract with GAUFF Engineering. Within this contract, an economic interexchange with the industry, with investors, banking institutions, credit-insurers and with the official organs of the Federal Republic of Germany, either at federal or regional level has to be promoted.


  • Consultancy

  • Lobbying

  • Promotion of the economy