Road Refurbishment Ntoum – Cocobeach I

Contract: refurbishment of the road between Ntoum and Cocobeach in the north west of Gabon - 1st section


Cocobeach has been linked to the national road network for the first time in 1983. Since then, the region has flourished economically and socially. Due to the economic crisis of the last decade, however, the country was unable to develop or maintain the existing infrastructure. Especially the poorly maintained road between Ntoum and Cocobeach increasingly proved to be a stumbling block for further development. That was the reason why the refurbishment in sections of this road was not just part of a nationwide programme of development for the road network, but it was considered to be one of the projects with the highest priority.


The road between Ntoum and Cocobeach in the country's far north is approximately 81 kilometers long. In a first construction phase, the section that was impassable until then has been refurbished from Cocobeach towards Ntoum up to kilometer 24,5. Due to the large number of engineering structures to be built, the costs for this section of the road were considerably high. A situation that was aggravated furthermore by the poor structural condition of the laterite road.


  • Overall planning
  • Sourcing and ensuring financing
  • Call for tenders for the delivery of the required equipment
  • Supervision of construction work and road refurbishment
  • Construction management