Port Gentil – Omboué

Contract: Road Construction Port Gentil - Omboué

Background and Project

Port Gentil, the second largest city, is one of the most important ports and centres of the petroleum industry of the country. Nevertheless, at present there is no developed road link to the inland. That's why the city can be reached or supplied only by air or sea so far. The construction of the road is a first step to connect Port Gentil to the hinterland. Thus transport and exchange of goods will be facilitated in the future or even just made possible, The living conditions of the inhabitants of the province Ogooué-Maritime and the population of Port Gentil will be ameliorated. Overall, the road will play a crucial role in the economic and tourist development in Gabon.

The project is consisting of the construction of a new road with a bituminous surface layer in the West of Gabon. The road will lead from the capital of the province Ogooué-Maritime, Port Gentil, southward along the Atlantic to Omboué. The length of the section of the road to be built is amounting to 90,953 km, the length of the additional connection to Omboué is 2,732 km. Adjacent to the 28 cross roads, 157 structures are to be built.


For this project, GAUFF Engineering has been charged with the supervision of all deliveries and services to be executed by the construction firm "China Road and Bridge Corporation - CRBC" , commissioned by the Ministry for Promotion of Investments, Construction, Transport, Settlement and Tourism Scope of Services

- Planning and consultancy services

- Engineering:

  • Evaluation of the as-is state
  • Verification of the preliminary and basic design
  • Verification of the detailed design

- Construction Management:

  • Supervision, control and inspection of the execution of works on site
  • Monitoring of compliance with the environmental management plan
  • Quality control of the works executed
  • Cost control
  • Verification of the as-built drawings