Munich Airport - Optimization of the Taxiway Guidance Apron West

Contract: General Planning Services for civil engineering structures and traffic systems, sectoral planning of technical equipment; for relocation of taxiway TWY C2


With over 44 million passengers per year (2017) Munich Airport is one of the largest air traffic hubs in Europe. In the frame of the project “Optimization of the Taxiway Guidance Apron West” the taxiway TWY C 2 will be relocated, extended and operated as “Triple Lane”. The taxiway guidance on Apron West, optimized within this project, ensures greater flexibility for the taxiing traffic and thus forms the basis for a regular, secure and instantaneous apron operation even with increasing taxiing traffic, especially in peak periods.

The fact, that construction of the entire project will be executed during regular flight operations on the adjacent apron areas is a particular challenge in this Project.


The "Flughafen München GmbH" (FMG) has charged the Joint Venture GAUFF GmbH & Co. Engineering KG and act-consult AG (ARGE) with the general planning services for optimization of the taxiway guidance Apron West. In the course of the relocation of the taxiway TWY C2 three existing boarding stations including boarding bridges, existing foundations, pits and supply and sewage lines have to be removed.

The airport-specific technical equipment in these construction areas as lighted lead-in lines, apron lightings, docking systems and equipment of the stationary 400Hz ground power supply must be deconstructed. The aviation areas in the dismantling sectors are rebuilt.

Within the measures for the extension of the future taxiway C2 (new) as Triple-Lane the necessary lighting installations in the field are to be fabricated and installed. The lighting systems are carried out up to the areas of the adjacent taxiways TWY W1 and TWY O1 and connected to the existing pits through secondary wiring installed near to the surface. The lighting system will be realised in LED-technology, the lighting control system will be implemented through single lamp control modules. The supply and control systems in the lighting station as well as the primary wiring will be extended and adjusted to the future demands.

Two remote handling points EASA-Code E (Pos. 135 and Pos. 155) adjacent to the construction area shall be adjusted as to their position. The handling points will be equipped with a stationery 400Hz ground power supply with underfloor supply pits, lighted lead-in lines and docking systems have to be adjusted in respect of their position. This project will be implemented during regular flight operations on the adjacent apron areas.


For the building and sectoral planning of the engineering structures, traffic facilities and technical equipment:

  • Data Collection, Basic Investigation and Evaluation
  • Preliminary Design
  • Conceptional and Approval Planning
  • Detailed Design
  • Tenderings
  • General Site Management, Construction Supervision on Site
  • Site Supervision Technical Equipment

Further Services:

  • Construction Site Logistics, Planning of Construction Phases