Sewer rerouting for the construction of a new parking facility in Erlangen

Construction of a new parking facility for Siemens AG in Erlangen – The rerouting of a large sewer main channel on the grounds of the construction field was necessary.

Background - project

GOLDBECK Ost GmbH planned and constructed a new parking facility with about 460 parking spaces for Siemens AG in Erlangen. An existing municipal main sewer, functioning as a retention channel, was discovered on the construction field. The retention channel with an oval profile of 1000/1500 was located at the southwest corner of the planned parking facility.

As the oval profile overlapped with the building structure, GAUFF Engineering was charged with the rerouting of the existing main sewer. After gradually excavating and demolishing the channel, new pipes were laid and connected to the existing ones via prefabricated manholes. The length of the new section is about 4, 8 m shorter than the length off the existing route. In order to avoid a volume loss of the retention channel, the rerouting took place on a new route having the oval profile of 1200/1800. The design and execution of the project were completed in close co-operation with the company “Entwässerungsbetrieb Erlangen” (EBE – water drainage).

The sewer remained operative during the rerouting process, which took place in confined space conditions. Numerous existing utility crossings needed to be considered and secured for the construction. The project was completed at the same time as the construction of the parking facility in August 2015.


  • Basic evaluation
  • Preliminary Design
  • Concept-and Final Design
  • Preparation of the tender documents
  • Site supervision