New Ger Housing Ulaanbaatar

Contract: Design Services of Transport Infrastructure and Landscape Architecture in a New Residential Area


The city of Ulaanbaatar is the capital of Mongolia and also the centre of economy and administration. The booming economy creates increasing real estate requirements. There has to be built more and more living space for the continuously growing population. Due to this development new quarters and residential properties are developed, which are constructed in greater and greater distances from the actual city centre. Already in spring 2011 in the south west of the city the construction of a further new residential and business area has been started, consisting of all in all 35 apartment blocks in multi-storey-building method which shall over living space to up to 2500 families.


The new residential area is built by MCS Property LLC. The Mongolian housebuilder belongs to the MCS group and has contracted GAUFF Engineering with the design of the infrastructure, the drainage as well as the landscape architecture. Due to the very short-termed construction time frame, GAUFF Engineering will execute these design services during construction phase. In total the residential area ranges over an area of about 13 hectares.


  • Design of traffic routes, roads, pedestrian paths and parking areas

  • Design of footbridges

  • Design of drainage of outside area

  • Design of a sewer with fountain

  • Planning of green spaces

  • Design of several multifunction sports field

  • Design of fencing