Study of Water Pressure, São Francisco

Contract: Study of Water Pressures in the Supply Grid of the City of São Francisco, Portugal


The strong increase in population of the district Alcochete and the subsequently reinforced building activities in the fields of commerce and sport, have overcharged the water supply system at an extent that the municipality of Alcochete was no longer in a position to guarantee the public provision in the frame of the valid legal conditions. For this reason, the municipality has ordered a study to identify measures to rehabilitate the existing water supply grid and such being able to meet the current and future requirements.


In a first step, the hydraulic system of São Francisco (a city in the municipality of Alcochete) was analysed, in order to assure its functioning in interaction with the elevated tank in the industrial area of Batel. At the same time solutions leading to an improved performance were to be identified,, such respecting the valid regulations, especially in view of the pressure and the discharge velocity.

The works were completed within the frame of provided terms and budgets to the entire satisfaction of the client and it is foreseen to implement all suggested solutions It is intended to realise all suggested solutionsand GAUFF has already been asked for construction supervision.


  • Preliminary analysis of the grid and recording of the critical sections,
  • Pressure tests at the critical points of the systems
  • Obtaining of patterns in view of consumer behaviour, development of the discharges and water level in the high level tanks
  • Mathematical modelling of the system
  • Calibration and evaluation of the mathematical model
  • Extrapolation of the population and consumption for the year horizon of the projects
  • Simulations of the existing systems, qualitative recording of the problems and study of the solutions
  • Technical-economical comparison of the different solutions and cost estimations of the optimal solution