Water supply for Puerto Cabello and Morón

Contract: refurbishment of the drinking water supply and sewage disposal systems in Puerto Cabello and Morón


The urban agglomeration of Puerto Cabello/Morón is located around 150 kilometers west of Venezuela's capital city of Caracas, directly on the coast of the Caribbean Sea. Around a quarter of a million people live there. The port of Puerto Cabello is the biggest in the country. The region's drinking water systems were outdated and suffering the consequences of decades of poor maintenance.


In order to secure the supply of drinking water, a new pump station was built at the exit of Canoabo dam. This was in addition to the refurbishment of the existing pump stations, the main transfer pipe and the distribution systems, as well as the installation of monitoring equipment for the water systems. In the field of sewage disposal, equipment was also installed to monitor and control the waste water treatment plant. The entire sewage system was also refurbished.


  • Preparation of detailed studies
  • General planning
  • Procurement and supply of equipment
  • Construction management
  • Co-ordination of project financing