Isla Margarita and Coche

Contract: water supply and sewage disposal for the islands of Isla Margarita and Coche


The islands of Isla Margarita and Coche are located around forty kilometres north-east of the Venezuelan mainland. Around 350,000 people live there on an overall area of 1,150 square kilometers, 330,000 alone on the island of Isla Margarita. By the end of the 1990s, the supply of drinking water and sewage disposal had deteriorated so dramatically that rehabilitation and expansion measures were urgently needed.


In the run up to the planning phase, GAUFF Engineering drew up a series of studies to analyse demand for future water supply and sewage disposal on the two islands based on the existing situation. Following the planning phase, the sewage pump stations and the collecting tanks were refurbished on the islands and a waste water treatment plant was built on the island of Coche. This was in addition to refurbishment work carried out on the water supply systems on the Margarita mainland.


  • Preparation of detailed studies
  • General planning
  • Procurement and supply of equipment
  • Construction management
  • Co-ordination of project financing