Water supply for Caracas

Contract: improvement of water supply – extraction, treatment, storage and transport


The Caracas urban water supply project can be divided into two key phases. The first phase involves the implementation of "System Tuy IV", an additional water supply system for the capital city of Venezuela. The basis of the "System Tuy IV" is the Taguaza River. The course of this river is regulated by a dam with a reservoir capacity of up to 168 million cubic meters.
The second phase of the project involves connecting the Fajardo region and Taguaza Dam which is supported by two pump stations and a separately installed waste water treatment plant.


The services for planning, procurement and installation comprise the following elements:

  • Taguaza pump station (with a pump capacity of eight cubic meters per second)
  • Tuy IV pipeline (diameter: 1700 – 3000mm, length: 21 kilometers)
  • Taguaza – Fajardo pump station (with a pump capacity of four cubic metres per second)
  • Refurbishment or construction of water treatment plants


  • General planning
  • Individual planning of pump stations, including electrical equipment
  • Procurement services: equipment and materials
  • Technical support
  • Construction management