Water Supply and Sewage Disposal of the Litoral Central

Contract: Programme to improve water supply and sewage disposal of the Litoral Central in the state of Vargas


The project is part of a general project for the reconstruction of the infrastructure in the area Litoral Central, which suffered great damages during the flood disaster 1999. Procurement of engineering services and equipment for the rehabilitation and reconstruction of the sewage collection systems and the treatment plants in the urban centres of the Litoral Central (state of Vargas).


Principal objective of the project is to rehabilitate the existing pumping stations, pipe lines and treatment plants serving the zone of the Litoral Central. Furthermore, the equipment for the construction of the treatment plant Punta Gorda and the pumping stations Tacagua, Macuto and San Julian, incl. force pipe.shall be provided.


  • Engineering services
  • Procurement services for equipment and material
  • Construction and installation supervision
  • Project management
  • Technical assistance for the client