• Construction supervision for five irrigation systems

    Client: Ministry of Agriculture, Rural Development and Water Administration, Albania   
    Project location: Albania  
    Project term: 12 + 12 month  
    Project start: 12/2016


Construction supervision for five irrigation and drainage systems within the scope of the World Bank’s water resource and irrigation project for Albania


Large parts of the irrigation systems in Albania do not operate with cost coverage, are inadequately maintained and only function partly or not at all. With financing from the World Bank, the water resource and irrigation project for Albania is intended to establish a strategic framework for the management of water resources at the national level and in the river catchment areas of Drin-Buna and Semani, and the performance of the irrigation systems in the project region is to be effectively improved. The project consists of four components.

  • Repair of dams and irrigation and drainage systems
  • Reforms and restructuring of municipal administrations, water authorities and
    associations to improve the performance of water suppliers
  • Development of integrated water resource management at the national level
  • Implementation support

Among other things, pilot projects are being initiated to include farmers, municipal administrations, and public and private water suppliers in the planning process.


Within the scope of this World Bank project, the joint venture GAUFF Power International and GR Albania-Abkons was commissioned for the rehabilitation and modernisation of five irrigation systems and the respective corresponding pumping stations and drainage systems. The systems are designed for the irrigation of a total area of around 25,000 hectares.

The overall project is divided into two lots.

Lot 1:

  • Murriz Thana irrigation system – section near Krutje
  • Murriz Thana irrigation system – Terbuf section
  • Kurjan - Strum irrigation system
  • Koshnica irrigation system

Lot 2:

  • Divjaka irrigation system (north and south sections)

The assignment includes reviewing the design planning, planning changes, construction supervision and acceptance as well as technical support during the guarantee period.


Design review
Preparation of hydraulic models
Topographical measurements
Construction supervision
Factory approvals
Support within the scope of liability for defects in the twelve-month guarantee period

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