• Janjari Irrigation System

    Client: Ministry of Agriculture, Rural Development and Water Administration    
    Project location: Albania    
    Project term: 29 months
    Project start: 12/2018


Rehabilitation of the Janjari irrigation system in Albania, including the Konispol irrigation system and the Janjari and Mursi canals with the corresponding barrages


Since 2010, Albania has drastically improved its dilapidated water supply, irrigation and sanitation facilities through an innovative approach. In doing so, the government relied on the transfer of responsibilities to local authorities and the involvement of the private sector in the provision of municipal services.

The World Bank began in 1994 with the long-term support of water projects in Albania. The challenges were to reform the water supply sector, to rehabilitate or rebuild the necessary infrastructure, to extend access to clean drinking water to the total population in urban and rural areas, and to start collecting and treating wastewater.


The workgroup of engineers GAUFF GmbH & Co. Engineering KG, GR Albania and YOLSU was commissioned in March 2019 with the rehabilitation works for the Janjari irrigation system. Those works include feasibility studies, detailed design studies for the irrigation and drainage diagram of the Janjari canal and Morsi canal, as well as environmental and social management plans (ESMP) for the corresponding irrigation infrastructures. In addition, workshops were held with stakeholder groups to identify the preferred option for rehabilitation (gravity irrigation) and modernisation (siphonic irrigation). The construction supervision of the renovation work was also part of it. 

The project, which has been financed by the World Bank, was commissioned by the Albanian Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (MARD). The MARD is responsible, among other things, for the operation, maintenance and modernisation of the I&D infrastructure (I&D = irrigation and drainage), as well as for the safety of the irrigation dams and flood protection systems.


Feasibility study
Environmental and social management plan
Detailed planning of the rehabilitation work
Construction supervision
Technical support during the twelve-month warranty period

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