• Renovation of the road Cariango – Mussende

    Client: Instituto de Estradas
    de Angola (INEA)
    Project location: Angola, Cuanza Sul
    Project term: 15 months
    Project start: April 2019


Renovation of the EN140 national road in the section from Cariango to Mussende (33.81 km), Cuanza Sul Province, Angola


The section of the EN 140 connects the towns of Quibala, Cariango and Mussende in the Angolan province of Cuanza Sul, and is an important economic factor at regional level.

The renovated road allows a fast, comfortable and safe transport of goods and people from the center of the country, i.e. the provinces of Malange and Kuito, to the Atlantic coast. Due to the lack of maintenance, the road was in such a poor condition that it was practically no longer passable.


The consortium "GAUFF Engineering / Queiroz Galvao Konstruction GmbH" was commissioned by the Instituto de Estradas de Angola (INEA) with the rehabilitation of this section of the road.

The project included the renovation of the EN140 national road in the section from Cariango to Mussende, with a total length of 33.81 km. The road has a total cross-section of 9.00 m, consisting of two lanes, each 3.50 m wide, plus a sloped shoulder of 1.0 m. The road surface consists of a 5 cm thick asphalt top layer. The renovation of the section also includes the construction of three new bridges with a length of 12.0 m, 20.0 m and 66.0 m, as well as the execution of 19 new hydraulic passages along the track.

Within the consortium, GAUFF Engineering was responsible as a leading partner for the project management, the contract administration and the quality assurance among other things. Queiroz Galvao Konstruction was answering for all construction works and deliveries in the project. In addition, the financing for the project was mediated by GAUFF Engineering through a banking consortium (Commerzbank, AKA-Bank and HELABA -Landesbank Hessen-Thüringen) and secured by an EULER Hermes cover.


Project Management
Contract administration and invoicing
Quality assurance and quality control
HSE Management (Occupational Safety and Security, Environmental Protection)
Mediation and securing of financing

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