• EPAL Luanda (Phase 1)

    Client: Public Authority for
    Water Supply, Luanda (EPAL)
    Project location: Luanda/Angola,
    Viana industrial area
    Project term: 2 years
    Project start: November 2005


Contract to improve water supply in high-lying areas of Luanda and in the Viana industrial area


As a result of almost three decades of civil war, Angola's infrastructure has been almost entirely destroyed as have its water supply and sewage systems. These problems are exacerbated many times over in Luanda. The drinking water and sewage systems in Angola's capital city were originally designed to supply around 600,000 people; however, the population in Luanda has now reached ten times that number. That means today that only one third of the people living there are connected to the central supply network.


The EPAL project is making a decisive contribution towards improving water supply in the so-called "zonas altas“ (high-lying areas) of the Angolan capital city of Luanda and the Viana industrial area. The aim of the two construction phases is to quickly supply selected urban areas with drinking water.


Mediation and securing financing
Planning and refurbishment of the water supply network, including house connections,
in the Marçal high zone, length: 32 kilometers
Planning and construction of a new 5.7 kilometer long long-distance pipeline
between Kikuxi and Viana
Planning of the water distribution network, including house connections,
Viana industrial area, total length: around 80 kilometers
Planning of the rehabilitation of Marçal, Cazenga and Maianga water distribution centers

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