• Immediate aid measures for the road system in Luanda

    Client: Ministry of Transport of the
    Republic of Angola
    Project location: Luanda
    Project term: 8 months
    Project start: 03/2006


Planning immediate remedial measures to improve the road infrastructure and the flow of traffic in Angola's capital city of Luanda


In recent decades, the population of Luanda has risen at breathtaking speed. Whilst only around half a million people lived in Angola's capital in 1975, just ten years later this figure had risen to well above one million. In 1995, the number of people living there surpassed the two-million mark, and the city now has a population of more than 5 million people. The degree of motorisation developed even faster during the same period. Whilst almost 10,000 vehicles were registered for the capital city in 1975, this figure had risen to almost 450,000 thirty years later. Due to many years of civil war, the infrastructure was in no way able to keep pace with this growth. This has led to chaotic traffic conditions every day, a situation that is being exacerbated even further by a lack of efficient, local public transport.


First of all, GAUFF analysed the existing traffic situation and using as-is data drew up long-term forecasts for developing the infrastructure in Angola's capital city. Since the efficiency of an urban road network is always closely tied to the efficiency of its junctions, quick-to-implement changes in traffic routing at junctions were proposed as immediate measures. The next stage of development foresees the extensive expansion of the public transport system in order to reduce motorised private transport. This includes, for instance, installation of the planned railway lines, the development of a rapid bus system and the construction of bus depots, chiefly designed as park-and-ride facilities.


Phase 1: Identification of all strategic measures
Phase 2: Stock-taking and evaluation of the current transport situation
Phase 3: Forecasting further development, planning immediate remedial measures
Phase 4: Presentation and co-ordination of the list of actions
Phase 5: Development of an action programme

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